For a sustainable and ‘clean’ career, be a solar technologist

06 April 2021

Be a Solar Technologist. The solar industry is set to create viable long-term career growth as Singapore push to achieve almost five times the current solar usage by 2030.

This target is set to create job opportunities for Singaporeans.

NTUC’s e2i, working together with the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), has unveiled the first industry Career Development Plan (CDP) for Solar Technologist.

This will pave a clear career pathway with well-defined progression in skills, job role, wages and in-turn productivity for the industry!

Solar Technologist

Traditionally, the job of solar panel installation is done by the construction sector. But there is an industry call for talents to see through the project in its entire lifecycle, from installation, commissioning, utilisation to maintenance.

Hence, a Solar Technologist.

The CDP for Solar Technologist is based on a tiered approach to progressively build-up skills and experience from an entry-level technician to a Principal Solar Technologist.

solar technologist, For a sustainable and ‘clean’ career, be a solar technologist

NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng said that under the solar sector’s first Career Development Plan (CDP), a solar technologist will move beyond simply installing solar panels. With job redesign and upskilling training, the solar technologist can take on higher-value roles including solar power maintenance and system data analysis.

solar technologist, For a sustainable and ‘clean’ career, be a solar technologist
NTUC’s Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng observes workers as they install a solar panel during the Career Development Plan for the Solar Industry event on Dec 17, 2020.

“This means a win for our workers as they can achieve better wages and work prospects, and a win for the employers as they are able to attract local talents and anchor deeper-level skills to increase their productivity!” Mr Ng said.

Building competencies in our workforce

NTUC’s e2i and SEAS will be supporting companies in recruiting and training up a strong pool of Singaporeans for this role.

Currently, there is a demand for 400 Solar Technologists and the industry is set to grow even more.

Two Memorandums-of-Understanding (MOUs) were signed on Thursday (17 Dec) between NTUC’s e2i, SEAS, solar companies, and training providers to ink commitment to jobs and skills training under the CDP.

Executive Director of Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), Ms Kavita Gandhi said, “The solar industry is expanding rapidly. This concerted effort to build competencies within our local workforce will create a sustainable pipeline of skilled talent and support Singapore’s acceleration in the adoption of clean energy.”

A Progressive Wage Model for the solar sector?

With job redesign and progression ladders in place, there is good potential for a Progressive Wage Model to be developed for the solar sector. Expressing optimism, Mr Ng said, “I look forward to seeing the launch of an industry-led PWM-Solar sector in the next 12 to 18 months!

solar technologist, For a sustainable and ‘clean’ career, be a solar technologist